Czarina Fig Tree Diffuser & Room Spray


Inspired by the sensuous fragrance of fresh warm sun ripened figs, Charisma’s Fig Tree range will add a wonderful ambiance to your living space.


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    Following the footpath, she softly winds her way to the sanctuary of dappled light and dancing leaves of her beloved reading-tree. Beneath these exquisite boughs of beauty she can rest, restore. Here, she can breathe, can set her scented thoughts free, to explore. Worlds, words, ideas… soar… come alive in the pages of her book. The day slows to here, now. To this. Cradled in the roots and lifted by the perfume of the finest Fig tree, she sighs – bliss.

    Directions for use: When using for the first time, insert all reeds into the fragrance oil mixture. Within a few hours these reeds will become soaked with fragrance and will release this fragrance into the air. To maximise the use of your diffuser, turn the reeds around when required to release bursts of fragrances.



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