Forest Rain Diffusers & Roomsprays


Forest Rain scented diffusers & roomsprays – imagine walking through the woods with closed eyes after the first storm following a dry spell and it hits you: the fresh, sweet powerfully evocative scent of fresh rain – damp branches, faint flowers, moss, wet stone – clean, fresh and earthy.

Scented diffusers allow the scent to permeate the air slowly or try the room sprays for an instant fragrance boost.



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    Scented Diffusers & Roomsprays

    A range of home fragrances, distinctive scents catering to unique preferences, from rich and warm to fresh and uplifting:

    Directions for use: When using for the first time, insert all reeds into the fragrance oil mixture. Within a few hours these reeds will become soaked with fragrance and will release this fragrance into the air. To maximise the use of your diffuser, turn the reeds around when required to release bursts of fragrances.



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