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Investing in Down

Investing in Down

We always tell clients shopping for a down duvet to rub the duvet between their fingers. This will give you a good idea of the feather content, if very crunchy the duvet has a high feather content as opposed to down and will be heavier. It’s all about what’s inside.

The filling ratio is important, an entry level down duvet will have a low down ratio of around 20%, a higher down content between 60% and 90% will give you the ultimate in softness and weight. The down content will dictate the price but remember you are ultimately investing in your sleep! The lighter and softer the duvet the better it regulates to your body temperature.

Down vs Feather

Down is the soft cluster that covers the breast part of the bird. Feathers are the hard quills so heavier and crunchier due to the stalky part. Down has a longer lifespan so is more durable. Goose down is a better quality down due to geese being bigger than ducks. The bigger down clusters give goose down a higher filling power. Hungarian goose down provides unparalleled insulation and lightweight luxury, that is why it is considered the best down filling available. This is attributed to the specialized breeding heritage of Hungarian geese and the country’s extremely harsh and long winters which enhance the thermal properties of Hungarian goose down.

What do we mean by “filling power”?

Filling power relates to “warmth without weight”. The higher the filling power the less filling you need in a finished product to reach the benchmark of a quality down or feather duvet or pillow.