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Sweet Summer Dreams

Get the best nights sleep on a hot summers night.

A hot sleeping environment can affect the quality of your sleep. There are many ways to moderate your body temperature from the design of your bedroom to managing your bed time routine to choosing the right type of bedding.

Ideally you want to keep your bedroom temperature below 20 degrees celcius to avoid restlessness. Fans are an effective way of circulating the air in your bedroom at night to ensure the room doesn’t get too stuffy.

A calming bed time routine is essential. Try a warm bath, a soothing cup of herbal tea or a few pages of a good book to wind down at bed time.

Lastly invest in a lightweight duvet inner and quality cotton bedlinen. Higher thread count cottons are very luxurious but can be warmer in summer due to the dense weave of the fabric. A 800 thread count cotton sheet contains 800 threads of cotton per square centimetre as opposed to a 250 thread count which contains 250. The lower thread count doesn’t mean inferior quality rather a cooler, crisper feel. Choose between our Linen House 250 or Simon Baker 200 thread count cotton percale basics. These ranges include fitted and flat sheets, duvet covers & pillowcases.

Simon Bakers Natural Cotton duvet inner is a 100% cotton duvet, with a tog rating of 4. This ultra-thin lightweight duvet is ideal for hot summer nights.

If duvets are not your thing, a flat sheet and lightweight cotton quilt or blanket is a great alternative. Linen House’s Chantel embroidered quilts or our Cotton Chevron blankets are incredibly versatile as can be both practical in summer, add a layer of warmth in winter and decorative the rest of the year!